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This platform is divided into two separate sections. One section tailoring to resources such as locations to hold events/meetings, where are some of the best and most affordable places from which to order catering and where are some of the best places to find supplies for these events or meeting. This section also contains  instructions on how to hold a successful meeting, what to pack into a backpack for emergency meetings and even events that are going to be happening in the community.

The second sections would be devoted to shared ideas. This section includes success stories and experiences from people in the community, tips and tricks from community organizers, and projects that people are working on. 


This is an online platform for Sherman community organizers, community groups, and teams to access and share information about the resources that are available to them, how to organize events and meetings and, any other information that could be helpful to them in their role as community leaders. This platform exists to be able to access all this information from one convenient place.

Latest activityEdit

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