Useful information for planning community events Edit

Laws and legalities: permits, permissions and insurance Edit

Event spaces in Hamilton Edit

Speakers for events Edit

Past events Edit

Easter Egg Hunt (2012) - EXAMPLE Edit

  • Main organizer: Bugs Bunny
    • Contact: 555-555-5555 (
  • Tips for similar events:
    • Best places to purchase plastic eggs in bulk is
    • If it rains - have a hall booked to arrange a rain friendly hunt, can include making children do activities to earn Easter eggs.
    • We used to hire an Easter bunny to take photos with the children
    • Hiding the eggs around "Bunny Hill Park" took about an hour - we started set up two hours before the event started and it was just enough time.

Promotions Edit

Making Posters Edit

Where to advertise events Edit

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