Sharing New Ideas Guidelines Edit

The discussion as well as this page are here for community organizers, community groups and teams to post about new projects or ideas they might have, in a similar format as a classified sections of a newspaper. This can be done by providing a brief summery about you project or idea and what assistance you might be hoping to receive from fellow community organizers, groups or teams. The post should be completed by including contact information in the form of an email address, website and/or phone number for those that might be able to contribute to your project or idea to contact you personally. We hope that this method will prevent this section from becoming flooded with threads.

Posts can also be made my organizers, groups or teams that might have resources that could benefit a multitude of projects. This could be posted in a similar way; a summary of the resource that can be provided and finishing with an email address, website and/or phone number from which this resource can be asked about and attained.


Over Production of Carrots Edit

I have been growing carrots in my apartment and have produced far too many for me to be able to eat on my own. I need help eating all these carrots, it would be a shame for them to go to waste. If you might be interested in fresh apartment grown carrots, please contact Bugs Bunny at

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